Carols Daughter Tui

Pampering sun beaten tresses with Carols Daughter Tui by Gift Style Blog Gave That
With the intense heat, so much sun, a little Ombré which led to even more chlorine, sand, surf... our hair quickly became a tad frazzled and dry. OK actually a lot which finally drove me to get my hands on a few things from the Carols Daughter line. Fortunately she just released a new line called Tui which I purchased in the moisturizing conditioner and the leave-in conditioner with the latter also doubling as a detangler.

First, these smell absolutely delicious. Tropical Hawaiian flowers mixed with sweet bubblegum which lasts for ages in the hair. Secondly, it actually worked to bring the softness back, almost better than before the summer fun started. Teamed up with my favorite Tahitian Monoi Tiki Tahiti oil and the Macadamia natural oil infused comb, the damage seems repaired. Definitely a lovely set, free of Parabens and more natural, to give as a gift to your favorite pool head(s). Get the set here.

Image: Magda and mam for Gave That


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