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Lipo Lotion by Measurable Difference Review Detoxing Part Two

Carrying on from my previous post on detoxing using freshly whipped up juices, smoothies and teas, another important area to tackle is the skin. A huge organ that loves to hold onto toxins, some have said this is a cause for dimply Cellulite and bloat in general. To give a real 1 to 2 punch, along with cleansing from the inside I've been tackling the outside, further moving all those toxins along and returning to normal (maybe even looking better!).

This brings us to something pretty fantastic not to mention cool. Measurable Difference's new Lipo Lotion which I was introduced to some months back and have been using daily for a little while now. Already it's showing results! The obvious coolness comes from the built in vibrating applicator on each tube, popping the cap that was a rather pleasant surprise. Then it's as simple as pushing the button, and swirling in a circular motion for 3 buzzing minutes, two times a day. Caffeine is one of the most recognizable ingredients and the cream, which is very, very rich but not greasy, soaks in almost immediately.I'm going to keep doing it for the foreseeable future, even when the detoxing is over.

Get your tube here.

Cream c/o Measurable Difference

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