DIY Dolly Bows

DIY handmade dolly bow wrapped around a present for the how to see the video below
These bring back a lot of fond memories of tying my hair back and making pointy little bunny ears. It's nice seeing dolly bows make a comeback and even nicer how they can quickly adorn a gift! Well a gift about the size (or smaller) of a human head. What was really surprising was how easy they are to make.

Blogger Violet LeBeaux created a really lovely how-to tutorial video and blog post here which I followed to create the dolly bow, which she calls Usamimi, above. It's a sweet twist that gives two gifts in one.

What You Will Need:
- Strip of fabric
- Wire (mine used here is florist wire)
- Needle and thread

How To Do It:
Watch the how-to video online here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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