Baking Mad & Tart It Up!

Spring Garden Green Tartlet
Previously I had posted a sneak peek at some of my favorite cookbooks, especially around the holiday feasting and entertaining season, including the brand new Tart It Up! by chef Eric Lanlard of the UK's Channel 4's Baking Mad. After much testing, this has to be one of my personal favorite recipes from his book, an asparagus and green pea filled tart that's very easy to make fast.

This year in particular I've been really into the holiday menus of the 1920's and 30's and what played prominently were little Soufflé and scalloped tartlets in ramekins. It's very easy to travel with and I like the idea of saying to the hostess, here you can keep these, once the tartlets have been gobbled up (or put away for later).
Tart It Up! Cookbook by Eric Lanlard Asparagus and peas tartlet
For the tart recipe above and many others, both sweet and savory, definitely pick up a copy of Tart It Up! and take a look at the site which has a whole collection on recipes along with Christmas baking gifts and Christmas gift hampers.

Tart It Up! by Eric Lanlard c/o

Image: mam for Gave That


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