Calm Before The Storm

Burning Candles Calm Before The Storm
Well it seems hurricane / noreaster Sandy wants to crash our weekend and possibly all of our Halloween parties too (Booooo). If things become a little quite around here this is sadly why. Please be safe out there everyone in the NYC area and here's to everything will be back to normal soon.

PS... this was Halloween day last year. Unreal.

PPS... well Sandy ended up being a direct hit here and the aftermath will be forever seared into everyone's mind. A week without power which stretches on for some, little to no gas, most stores remain closed and the ones that are open, pretty much empty. The brightest spot was when children donned their Halloween costumes despite it having been cancelled and forming a parade anyway. They weren't asking for candy or trick or treating, they just wanted to cheer everyone up including themselves. Major propts to them, especially the little Santa!

Image: mam for Gave That


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