The Art of Shaving

Goodies from The Art of Shaving New York for men review and gift picks
An essential oil based skincare line and niche fragrance house I've been meaning to share with everyone is The Art of Shaving. After a round of testing here are my favorite picks from the shop which turned out to be a smorgasbord of gift ideas. Anything shaving related has actually been really well received gift wise, surprisingly enough, but these turned out to be real gems.

The first is TAOS's Septic Pen which is actually more of a crayon that helps stop nicks from bleeding and the need for those pesky bits of paper towel. The other is their very thick shaving cream which almost has the consistency of Noxzema and also comes in a tub. The skin is left so soft after using it. The best part is while TAOS's line is Aromatherapy based their entire line also comes in unscented versions. Oh and their gift sets are perfection!

Image: mam for Gave That


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