Tail Towns Friends

Tail Towns Friends Nurse Feverfew from the Tail Towns Ganz Facebook game

Meet Nurse Feverfew! The curious part is this little figurine is actually a key that unlocks a story in the new Facebook based adult game called Tail Towns. Think Farmville meets Wind in the Willows only with lovely scenery, much more of a storyline and, most unique of all, a figurine collection that interacts with you online. This was too good of a gift not to share with everyone here.
Tail TownsTail Towns Friends Nurse Feverfew
The game itself is very simple to play but, as Magda found out, started to become addictive. When I first was contacted about this new game and the little figurines I thought that the figurine itself would become your character but what actually happens is, after adding the code from inside Nurse Feverfew's box, she became a friend and more story lines were unlocked. Pretty cool. As for your character in the game, your Facebook image is used and you're a country mouse scampering around Tail Towns. From there any friends also playing on Facebook can be added too. Find the collection here of little figurines and also play the game, which is currently free for everyone with Facebook.

Figurine: c/o Child's Play Communications, Thank you for such a lovely gift idea!

Image: mam for Gave That | Illustrations: Ganz


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