Wrapping Hostess Gifts - Omiyage Furoshiki Style

Finished Furushiki wrapped bowl hostess gift for how to do it too see the steps below
Here is another take on the traditional Japanese form on reusable gift wrapping known as Furoshiki. This time inspiration comes from the Omiyage or hostess gift style. I've found this works really well for giving large bowls, freshly baked round breads and things from the garden or farmers market. It's great in a pinch too. Here's how to fold it:
Furushiki wrapped bowl Fnishing Furoshiki bowl
1) First step is having a large enough piece of cloth (Furoshiki), here mine is a scarf measuring 43 x 42 inches. Fold the scarf in half and place the bowl off center closer to one end. Make sure there is an equal amount on top and below the bowl.

2) Fold the top of the fabric over the top of the bowl and then fold the bottom over the top. If carrying something inside this is where it can be added (here some things from the garden are tucked inside, other ideas could be serving utensils and napkins using a table cloth for wrapping).

3) Twist the shorter side a few times and then tightly twist the longer end of the fabric. This form a rope handle. Bring the longer twisted piece over the center of the now wrapped bowl and tie it to the shorter end. That's it!

Image: mam for Gave That


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