Family Movie Night Party with Smitty

Still from the movie Smitty copyright Phase Four Films
It's been a little while since one of my personal favorites has been featured... a movie screening party and one that's been on my list for some time has been a children's themed one. Or really one for the entire family and friends to enjoy together.

This time we were all able to enjoy a few advance screenings of new releases including the one featuring the adorable shelter dog above, Smitty. For me this turned out to be the absolute gem of the collection and was yet another reminder how some of the loveliest and most treasured films were originally created for little ones.

After the party here are a few snippets of what some thought of the film which stars Peter Fonda, Mira Sorvino and Louis Gossett, Jr. and centers on a troubled 13 year old boy, his single mother, a shelter dog and things learned on his grandfathers Iowa farm:

"[Smitty] had the right mix of suspense, humor and faith to it and was very well balanced. A thoroughly engaging movie." 

"Smitty was pretty good but the plot was a bit predictable in a Lassie sort of way. The acting was very good and the film itself, heartwarming. It makes you feel good after seeing it." 

"This is a film that will leave anyone watching hard pressed to keep a dry eye, especially with the strained relationship between father (Peter Fonda) and daughter (Mira Sorvino). Many can probably identify with Smitty in some way and the pro-shelter story brought back a lot of memories of adopting our own dog. The shots of American farmland was uniquely beautiful and there were a few unexpected twists at the end."
Our movie night party spread featuring advance screenings of Smitty and other family moviesStill from the movie Smitty copyright Phase Four FilmsPopcorn, theater candy and sweet potato chips for movie nightStill from the movie Smitty staring Mira Sorvino Peter Fonda and Louis Gossett Jr copyright Phase Four Films


Something old + candy almost always seem to beguile children:

Vintage film, glass soda pop and milk bottles for drinks.

Classic buttered popcorn, boxed classic theater candy and Grandma Utz sweet potato chips added a neat twist.

c/o Phase 4 Films

Image: mam for Gave That | Film stills © Phase 4 Films


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