DIY Moroccan Tea Glass Votive Candles

DIY Moroccan tea glass inspired votive candle holders heres how to make your own
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Another simple do it yourself project that I've been eager to share with everyone are these Moroccan keesan tea glass inspired votive candles. There are so many plain votive glasses laying around, going unused and unloved, that this seemed a way to finally start recycling them. A little paint and doodling later, and here we go! Here's how to do it too:
Materials needed to make your own Moroccan tea glass inspired votive candle glasses

What You Will Need:
- Glass paint or, as used here, paint used for making sun catchers
- Gold paint pen
- Tape
- Paint brush
- Glass votive jar and candle

How To Do It:
After masking off a band close to the top the glass paint was applied in a thin layer and allowed to dry. Some Moroccan tea glasses gave a thick band, some are thin at the center and some are only colored at the bottom. Looking at authentic ones gives a lot of inspiration. After the paint has dried the tape is carefully removed and then the gold paint is applied. Stencils are helpful but freehand doodles are fine too. A little cleaning of the glass and that's it!

Finished Moroccan keesan tea glass inspired candle on a senia 

Image: mam for Gave That


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