DIY Mulberry Flavored Vinegar

DIY mulberry flavored vinegar hostess gift idea 
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Something very curious happened a few weeks ago, the mulberry trees were already filled with their berries. If it's that way for you too, now's a lovely time to make batches of mulberry flavored vinegar to give as gifts. Best of all it's simple and easy... we would do this every summer as children and making it now brings back so many memories. Here's how to do it too:
Glass bottle and funnel for gifting mulberry flavored vinegarsMulberries and mulberry flavored vinegars

What You Will Need:
- White wine vinegar
- Mulberries (or other fruit or berries such as cherries or raspberries)
- Glass containers

How To Do It:
Gently heating about 4 cups of vinegar in the microwave I add about 1/2 to 1 cup of berries and using a fork slightly mash the berries. Allow to sit until the vinegar cools. Then I seal and place in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks. Drain the vinegar through a sieve to remove any seeds and the berry pulp and then pour into sterilized glass containers (easily done by microwaving a few seconds). Adding a few whole berries back into the finished vinegars bottle looks particularly pretty and will keep infusing the flavor of the vinegar over time.

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