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DIY Living Terrarium Pendent Necklace how-to gift idea

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This is something that's been on the to-try list for a little while now and today was finally the day to put it together. Quirky yet surprisingly easy, here's how to make your own living necklace too:

Things needed to make your own living terrarium necklace pendent
Things Needed:
- A tiny glass vial pendent or DIY using metal jewelry wire around the neck to create a bail
- Very tiny, shallow rooted plants such as moss (seen here), succulent Sedums or air ferns
- Finely milled clean sand
- Crushed charcoal
- Potting soil that has been microwaved (to kill buds or organisms)
- Paper and wooden toothpick or needle  

How to Do It:
Using a piece of paper folded in half as a funnel, gently pour in a layer of charcoal powder which will keep any water sweet and clean (because a bog smelling necklace wouldn't be too cool) into the glass vial and then layer the sand and dirt on top. Wet the plant sprig being used and push it down into the bottle using the toothpick. Lastly spritz it with water and it's done!

Daily misting should provide enough water for it to thrive and stay green. For more see the step by step video below.

The finished do it yourself terrarium necklace

Image: mam for Gave That


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