DIY Hanging Flower Baskets

Making a DIY hanging flower basket hostess gift
This week (and month actually) has been an absolute blur and there is so much to share here but it's a little hard to know where to start! This weekend seemed a good time to post all things gardening. First are some hanging flower baskets that we worked on... something I would personally love as a gift. Here's how to whip some up extra quick:
Materials needed to make your own floral hanging basket gifts
For these baskets a few plants were gathered together including some vines and trailing plants to grow over and hang off the sides (Periwinkle, Ground Ivy Glechoma hederacea and Golden creeping Jenny) along with some red Impatiens and white Begonias, soil and coconut fiber liners.
Adding the coconut fiber liner and dirt to the basket and getting ready to arrange the plants inside
After adding the dirt to the coconut fiber bowls inside the baskets, I arranged the trailing plants around the edges to spill over the sides as they grow down, the shorter Begonias in another ring around the edges and the taller Impatiens in the center. Many of the plants, ironically enough gifts from other gardeners, were already growing elsewhere in the garden and were transplanted.
Red impatiens flowers in hanging basket
It's a little sparse now but once they fill in and get lush I'll snap another picture and update with the results. Another version that has worked out lovely is a hanging strawberry or herb basket with parsley, basil (in the center) and dill trailing down. Smells incredible as the breeze blows through.

Image: mam for Gave That


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