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Prosperity Candle Beauty Courage and Possibility Mothers Day gift for Spring
Prospery Candle Beauty Courage and Possibility candle by Moo Kho or Burma and handmade pouch bag
Hand embroidered silk bag by Afgan women for Prosperity Candle part of their Mothers Day gift sets

This is such an inspired Mother's Day gift idea that I've been to eager to share with everyone here. It's called the Beauty, Courage & Possibility gift set and it truly is all of those things and a great deal more as it touches so many lives and gives back in so many ways. Siiri of Prosperity Candle was kind enough to email to let me know about their newest line of handmade gift sets and offered to send one over. 

While Prosperity Candle has been featured here before this was the first time I had experienced their candles and it turned out to be utterly amazing. One of the best soy travel candles ever and an absolute delight to burn (this one is a fresh blend of lemongrass and sage!).  Each of these are hand created by Burmese women who have lived in refugee camps and each is signed by the woman who made it. Moo Kho made the one above and it's masterfully blended.

The other part of the Beauty, Courage & Possibility gift set is the beautifully hand embroidered silk jewelry bag which is completely hand sewn by Afghan women, again living in refugee camps. Inside each bag the creators signature is found on the tag.

This keepsake set has such stories and history to go along with it which is both rare, inspiring and something everyone should experience... but on top of all of these good things, this particular set, also has a portion of its proceeds donated to the cause World Pulse.  Amazing on so many levels.

 Gift Set: c/o Prosperity Candle (thank you so much Siiri & Ted!)
Image: mam for Gave That


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