Marbled Tea Eggs

Asian tea eggs marbled and cracked from steeping in a soy sauce and anise broth for hours see how to make your own Steps to making traditional Asian Marbled Tea Eggs using hard boiled eggs dark soy sauce black tea bags sea salt anise seed spice
Next to Cadbury Creme Egg's these Asian tea eggs have to be some of the most addictive, delectable things ever. Everything from the swirling, cracked pattern to the strong scent of anise and salty soy sauce is such a treat all around. This is the batch being made for this coming Easter. For how to make your own see the recipe and steps here. It's a rather simple broth of dark soy sauce, black tea, sea salt and anise seeds which seeps into the cracks created in the hard boiled eggs shell. The designs become inedible on the hard boiled egg itself.
Asian tea eggs peeled showing the marbled and china glazed crack designs
Wishing everyone celebrating a very happy and bright Easter and Passover too! Have a lovely long weekend.
Hard boiled Asian Tea eggs

Image: mam for Gave That


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