Free Zoya Polish for You!

Zoya nail polish in Yummy
This is such a treat that I just had to share, especially with Mother's Day looming off in the not so far distance. As mentioned so often here, of all things, simple nail polishes have made such welcome gifts. It's funny how something so little can be so well received! Some of my favorites, because they're natural and go on lovely, are by Zoya who also create really nice sampler gift packs. The sampler in La-Di-Da is probably one of the best because it has such pop's of yellow, fuchsia and coral for spring and summer. It also essentially gives you 2 extra nail polishes for free but the real treat of the day is through this unique link for Gave That, when you create your shopping account, a rare coupon for 1 free nail polish will be deposited. It is good to use right away and if you also buy a couple of their nail polishes, free S&H comes with it too. {link for free Zoya nail polish}*

As always for sweet treat's for Gave That friends, always peek at the Special Perks section of the blog where you'll find this one for Zoya along with many more.

Polish: Zoya "Yummy"

* Find your unique Zoya coupon code in the "My Promotion Code" section of the "My Account" area at Zoya after creating your account through the link above.


Nika said…
It worked! Thx
Gave That said…
Thank you so much for letting me know Nika, so happy to hear this! Others have said it's working for them too. Enjoy!

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