Rascal Flatts Changed album review gift idea
This pre-release album came in the mail and I really wanted to share it because two of the songs are really, really good and already downloaded for repeated play. The album is Changed by Rascal Flatts (perfect timing... spring renewal = change) and while they're more country this is actually very pop-ish, which was surprising. Namesake Changed is so apropos for now and the struggles to change things for the better and Let It Hurt, which speaks for itself, seem somber but the messages are actually very inspirational.

They made me think about how often change can be so scary but at the same time, tremendously worth the effort and first shaky steps. Nice to have and be able to give a soundtrack to back it up (funny how things can appear at just the right time!). Will definitely pass this on.

Album courtesy one2one Network, thank you for sending it over!

Image: mam for Gave That


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