Thumb Tack Candles - DIY

DIY bronzed thumb tack candles gift idea here is how to make your own
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Another simple DIY project today! Some rather scaly, Pangolin looking candles using gold thumb tacks on the outside of plain white candles.

Plain round candles and gold thump tacks from the office supply store

What You Will Need:
- Thumb Tacks
- Candle(s), beeswax works best but any thick one will do

How to Do It:
Loving how simple and quick it is. Push the thumb tacks in one by one slightly overlapping if possible. Cover the entire candle leaving a rim open at the top for candle wax to seep out and melt These here took about 200 thumb tacks a piece. That's it!
Finished DIY thumb tack covered scaly candle

Image: mam for Gave That


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