DIY Love Thread Necklace

DIY love necklace inspired by Anthropologie thread wrapped love necklace
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This little necklace is inspired by this thread wrapped one here at Anthropologie. It's actually pretty simple to make albeit tedious at times but the thread helps hide any major flubs. To make one (or two) too, here's how:
Picture how to steps to creating an Anthropologie inspired thread wrapped love necklace DIY gift
What You Will Need:
- Pliers & wire cutters (or scissors)
- Jewelry making wire although a large paperclip might work too
- Sewing thread (mine is metallic gold)
- Jump rings
- Clear nail polish (optional)
- Little charm (optional)

Finished DIY love necklace with bow charm and romantic gift box
How To Do It:
Drawing out the "love" image on plain white paper turned out to be a big help. Using the pliers, band the wire and keep comparing to the image on the paper. It never became perfect but that's OK. Looks more homespun. Once the letters were shaped and formed the next step was wrapping the thread around as evenly as possible. The tiny loops were a little tricky. Any knots were painted with clear nail polish along with any fraying thread. Some jump rings were attached to the end loops and on it went to the chain.

The last touch was the little charm, this time a ruby bow. Another thing I did was place the "love" charm after it was done between some heavy books and this helped it to lay better.
DIY Love words thread wrapped necklace

Image: mam for Gave That


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