DIY Felted Soap

Make your own felted soaps as gifts with this YouTube video tutorial and step by step instructions here

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As promised here's how to create your own felted soaps! Another one of those deceptively easy projects, I'm going to be making a bunch more for travel. Keep reading for how to make your own:

What You Will Need:
- Wool
- Bars of soap
- Essential oil such as lavender or tea tree (optional)
- Bowl of warm water

How To Do It:
Watching this little video will help immensely but all that's needed are a few alternating layers of wool wrapped around the bar of soap. A thin layer works best. Fill a bowl with warm water and if using, a few drops of essential oil. Dip the wool wrapped soap into the water to start the felting process and make sure it's fully saturated. Then start rubbing (gently) and rolling the soap with your hands, dipping in the water ever so often. Soon the wool will start to felt and form a sock around the soap.
The steps needed to wet felt your own gift soaps are actually pretty easy

Once this is done let your soap(s) dry on a wire rack overnight. They say the wool is naturally antibacterial but what I really like about these, along with being thoroughly novel eco-friendly wrapped gifts, is they air dry without any sliminess and can be popped in a carry on or back pack without mess.

Image & Video: mam for Gave That | Music by Dan-O


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