Furoshiki Bags - Too Late

Using a Too Late Furoshiki cloth to cover my Dolce and Gabbana handbag
Too2Late Futoshiki Cloth
Too Late Furoshiki turned into a handbag

Something eagerly awaited came today... no not just the sun which was lovely but the Furoshiki cloth that I ordered arrived! It's simply amazing on so many levels and by Too Late. What initially drew me to their line of Furoshiki, a traditional way to wrap things in Japan, was the emphasis on creating bags out of them and how large they are. They even include a book and have a video up on how to knot and tie various bags. A particularly genius way is taking an old handbag (or a light colored one you're always fearful of staining) and using the Furoshiki to cover it (love the results!). A sort of wearable gift wrap.

It was had to pick out a print because they have so many delicious ones but as soon as I removed mine from the box, I was even shocked at all the oooo's and ahhhhsss that came wafting in. Such a treat to be pleasantly surprised at something being ten times more beautiful than you expected.

Furoshiki cloth: Too Late

Image: courtesy Magda for Gave That


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