DIY Vinyl Record Bowls

DIY vinyl record recycled fluted bowls see the how to video belowVintage vinyl LP record turned into a bowl
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Another project that's been on my list for some time has been a record bowl. Today was the day because in addition to saving a few scratched records from the garbage, it was so warm and sunny outside. The vinyl needs a lot of ventilation as it's being heated and worked with although the scent was rather nice and lemony. Still despite being the middle of winter the windows could be thrown open and this is the result. The records used were on the smaller (older) side but the resulting dishes came out rather sturdy. To make your own follow the steps below:

What You Will Need:
- Old, preferably scratched and unplayable vinyl records
- A metal bowl or terracotta flower pot
- Heat proof gloves (the vinyl gets burning hot!)
- A cookie sheet
- Foil
- A preheated oven set to 200 F

How To Do It:
See the video above for all the steps.

PS... some of these are destine to become planters and a jardinière for giving plants too.

Image: mam for Gave That | Video: Magda & mam


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