Aromatic Heart Pins

DIY scented puffy felt heart brooch pinsDIY Scented Felt Heart Pin
- DIY Gift Idea -

If you have a little felt, some cotton, wool or batting and a little perfume, essential oil or dried rose petals you'll be all set to create these plump little heat pins. On the back of these a simple safety pin was sewn on but to make them more gift worthy proper pin backs would probably be better.

What You Will Need:
- Felt
- Thread (mine is metallic gold)
- Needle
- Scissors
- Filling of some sort such as cotton, wool or batting although some recycle old stockings
- Aromatics such as perfume, essential oil, dried roses or lavender, resins such as myrrh

How To Do It:
Getting out the DIY sewing kit, 2 hearts are needed which in this case were freehand cut out of red thick felt and measuring about 2 inches wide x 2 inches (5.08 cm) high at highest lump. Hand sewing around the edge a hole was left open in the middle and a little bit of the perfumed filling was stuffed in. Cotton, myrrh crystals and a few drops of rose essential oil was blended together beforehand. Then the hole was sewn shut and the safety pin attached to the back.
Turn these scented felt heart pin brooches into bookmarks with a paper clip

Something else that can be done with these scented pins is to turn them into bookmarks using large paper clips.

Bag: Old Navy

Image: mam for Gave That


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