Melting Crayons on Canvas - DIY Project

How to create DIY encaustic artwork with crayons melted on canvas
It was so warm (for January in the north) and sunny today that we wanted to infuse it with some color and this is how we did it (Magda was my partner in crime). Deliciously fun and a sweet gift idea too, here's how to create your own melting rainbow on canvas:

What You Will Need:
- A canvas (the one used here is 9 inches x 12 inches)
- Crayons (it took 27 for the canvas here)
- A hair dryer or for more control, an embossing heat tool (the one I'm using is an older model Marvy Uchida)
- A drop cloth, plastic or lots of newspaper (because this get's drippy)

How To:

See the video above.

Image: mam for Gave That | Video: Magda for Gave That


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