Keeping Well Through the Holidays

Green tea with lots of lemon

Taking a little break from all the holiday hullabaloo here at the blog, I wanted to share a few things that have made a huge difference in being able to survive and make it through. Because being sick while everyone else is partying is cruel. This was one of those hem and haw posts because one (selfishly!) never wants to jinx it all up but that's OK. Years without a single cold is a pretty good track record. Even escaping the last few weeks of mass illness is something to be thoroughly thankful for so it's time to pay it forward.

Previously there was a post called the SOS Box and that contained favorites for when things start to go downhill fast but what's been the biggest help has been having a bit of a regimen in place. Some gleaned from Grandma's words of wisdom (cod liver oil and chicken soup) and some favorites found a little more recently.

Speaking of cod liver oil, that stuff can be brutal to have to take but of course it works. Now there are ones that are flavored which made things a whole lot easier but the thickness, oiliness... weird aftertaste lasting for hours. Not fun. Dr. Mum (literally) gave me a new sort by SFH called Super O Mega 3 oil that's vanilla flavored. It's very light which is probably the best part and the vanilla is more of a subtle essence. It comes in chocolate, tangerine and lemon too.

Next a bottle of lavender essential oil. One of the best investments ever. As soon as that funny feeling starts to crop up a few drops is doused onto my wrists and a little right under my nose. Some in the bath or the melting wax of a candle works wonders too. Some packets of Totally calcium powder. Flax seed oil capsules along with Immune System tablets from Functionalab and vitamin C. Lot's of fruits and vegetables and finally many cups of tea with lemon everyday.
My personal tips and tricks for staying well through the business of the social Holiday season

Here's to hoping we all make it through unscathed! And for friends chronically under the weather I would totally wrap up one of these for them.

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