Citizens Planet x Orly Zeelon

Orly Zeelon Gipure lace earrings from Citizens Planet dangling from beaded lampshadeOrly Zeelon Gipure lace earrings from Citizens PlanetOrly Zeelon Gipure lace earrings with Swarovski crystals from Citizens Planet
These earrings by Orly Zeelon definitely fall into the instant heirloom category that I so love. Incredibly dainty and detailed each is handmade and modeled after French Lace and covered in Swarovski crystals.

Orly Zeelon is but one of the many unique designers found at a new online galleria called Citizens Planet and I'm very happy to report that they're based in Canada but ship both there and to the US. Their premise is rather exclusive in that they allow location based exploration and shopping on a map. Orly Zeelon is from Israel and other offerings come from France, Italy and right here in New York City. All for 30-70% off. Follow them on twitter and Facebook too for their latest featured designers.

Earrings: Orly Zeelon c/o Citizens Planet (Thank you so very much!)

Image: mam for Gave That


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