Alef Bet's Evil Eye

Alef Bet by Paula Evil Eye crystal braceletAlef Bet by Paula handmade in the US Evil Eye friendship bracelet

The perfect Evil Eye friendship bracelet has been on my wish list for some time and now it's been found online! Alissa, from the mother and daughter team at Alef Bet by Paula recently contacted me about their line of jewelry. Included were a number of gorgeous crystal Evil Eye's. In person they're hard to miss despite being so dainty and a definite statement piece with meaning. Along with all their different Evil Eye's be sure to see Alef Bet's hamsa hands and unique Star of David's too. Chances are someone you know badly wants one!

Bracelet: Alef Bet by Paula (Thank you so much Alissa!)

Image: Magda & mam for Gave That


Alissa said…
The imagery is great and looks so sleek with the outfit! Love it!
Gave That said…
Oh, so happy to hear this Alissa... no matter what the eye always zooms right to your bracelet! Will always cherish it, amazing piece! -M
Rozi said…
Hi, is there a direct link to this bracelet on their website? I can't seem to find it.
Gave That said…
@Rozi, sure here it is:

Putting "Evil Eye" in their website's search box pulls it right up. It's called the "Evil Eye CZ Bracelet ". Hope this helps.

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