Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed How To Set A Breakfast Tray

Thinking back to some of my fondest childhood memories, so many involved the excitement of having guests over (especially Grandma!) and surprising them with breakfast in bed. We'd all huddle around, usually on the weekends, and watch old TV shows and movies together. Just doing it for someone was such a treat in itself. Of course there's Mother's Day, Christmas and times when we're feeling under the weather or trying to recover from something. All can use a little special treatment which made me think about the how-to's of putting together a classic breakfast tray.

Red Velvet Belgium Waffles with chocolate powder sugar walnuts bananas syrup recipe for breakfast

On mine, Red Velvet Belgium waffles... for the recipe click here.

Red Velvet Belgium waffles orange on tray topped by the PlateTopper for guests

These PlateTopper's work so perfectly to keep everything warm or from spilling over as you bring it up.


Setting a classic breakfast tray...

A lot will have to do with what's being served (eggs and bacon would probably have toast and jam in place of the orange and some salt and pepper too) but here's a pretty classic set up that's easy to handle: (clockwise from the top) A piece of fruit, sugar or tea or coffee, tea pot, glass of fresh juice, cup and saucer, knife, main meal dish, PlateTopper on top to keep it all warm, napkin and fork. Adding a place mat underneath really does help things from slipping around as the tray gets jostled and a book or newspaper is really nice as well.

Image: mam for Gave That


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