Little Linus Bag

My new little Linus bike bag back to school gift idea

Something or actually many somethings to be really thankful for today! One being this gorgeous sturdy little canvas and leather pouch by Linus which my Mum was sweet enough to give me, thank you. It straps onto your bike a bevy of spots (in front on the handlebars, on the back behind the seat, on the cross bar of a Man's bike, on the book rack). Popped it right on. The second is the vintage bike is officially in the shop and on its way to having waterlogged wheels replaced and a much needed cleaning done.
Linus pouch bag on my vintage bicycles book rack

Bag: Linus (find it at Terry Bikes)
Dress: Michael Stars
Ring: Betty Carre

Image: Magda & MAM for Gave That


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