Z Palette

mam for Gave That Zebra Z PaletteZ Palette caseZ Pallete with eye shadows insideZebra Z Palette
image by Home Me Bag Company Zebra Z Palettes in a Classic Black Hole Me Bag cosmetic case

My little studio space has a cache of pallets and cases of all shapes and sizes which is why I was intrigued when Z Palette contacted me about their line. Creating your own custom palettes of makeup is only one of the benefits of these... another is helping the environment by cutting down on plastic packaging ending up in landfills.

A number of companies have started to sell their makeup without the typical plastic packaging along with refills or you can try depotting your own. These pop onto the Z Palettes magnetic plate and stay put. Refills and cosmetics without packaging can cost less as well (for a list of companies see here at Z Palettes site).

The clear window forces you to take stock in what you already have and encourages you to use it up. All in all this is the perfect, unique gift for the beauty devote and jet setter in your life. Check out how these Z Palettes fit perfectly in the Hold Meg Bag too, that's where mine is nestled.

Z Palette in Zebra

Image: mam for Gave That | Hold Me Bag


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