32 Questions on Love

"Can we love for love's sake without expectations?" —the Marquis de Sourdis

With Valentines Day looming so close it seemed as if I could get away with posting this conversation game. All the way back in the mid 1600's the Marquis de Sourdis is credited with coming up with the Salon game 32 Questions on Love. Such games were rather popular but the Marquis seems to have done an exceptional job at capturing a more universal, timeless subject. Especially when genders are removed. How much has changed all these hundreds of years later and how much has stayed the same?

These questions were clearly created to garner the most effect (some might say fights)... which is why the ones specifically on gifts are the most intriguing. The three are:

#27 If a man received gifts from a woman, should he return them if she decides to leave him and asks for them?

#28 Should a man ask for personal gifts that can be recognized by others from someone he loves and if he leaves, should he keep them, return them, or burn them?

#29 Should a woman give a man she loves personal gifts, when he asks for some?

For all of the 32 questions watch the video above and next time you're at an oh-so-boring party why not bring it up on your phone for a little conversational fun?

Image: VIDEO by mam for Gave That


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