Prosperity Candles

prosperity candles being hand poured

The number of gift suggestions coming into my email inbox is unreal right about now but when Amber Chand contacted me about Prosperity Candle, I wanted to share it straight away with everyone. Prosperity Candles are hand created by women who have suffered great losses in life. Using the model of Shared Prosperity each woman has the opportunity to earn well above a living wage, build her own enterprise, and provide employment and leadership in her community.

With their new holiday collection you can directly impact the life of such women. The Vessels of Light candle is created by recently resettled refugees women from Burma and Bhutan who now live in Massachusetts and the Prosperity Pillar Candles are created by women in Baghdad, Iraq, many of whom are war widows. Each and other gift ideas can be purchased at the Prosperity Candle site.

Image: Prosperity Candle


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