Same Kind of Different as Me.

mam for gave that same kind of different as me stack of summer reading books
Why are books that you are given some of the hardest to read?
mam for gave that same kind of different as me books

Summer... you're going already!? Wait, come back please. Oh well, no use but at least I can reread some of my favorites from over the summer. Two oldies but ever relevant it seems are Alyson Richman's, Last Van Gogh and John Shors', Beneath A Marble Sky, that latter of which is so hard to get thought because you want to ruminate on each bit of the authors writing. Then there is a new book given to me by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent called Same Kind of Different As Me. All 3 books have a common thread of art woven through them... Van Gogh is, well, the troubled master himself, Marble Sky is architectural love and fine art meets folk in Same Kind of Different.

Who knows if I would have ever actually read Same Kind of Different As Me if it hadn't been offered to me for review but I am beyond grateful to have been exposed to these poignant personal stories. Yes the accounts of little old ladies in oil rich Texas writing checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars are interesting and one (like me) salivates about all the mentions of O'Keeffe's passing through art dealer Ron Hall's hands, but the heart of this book is clearly about redemption and how a soul that seemed in the grips of absolute despair finds himself... his value. In the back of the book are pictures of Denver Moore, a black man who experienced a life of brutal racism, with his art in his gallery. A man without any education, a sharecropper who ended up homeless, finding his way is an inspiration to anyone. Of course this book is so much more than just that including painfully tragic time and again and hard to swallow about life in America yet eye opening to how far we can come through kindness and genuine care for one another. Including (especially) to those who are same kind of different.

Big thank you to Thomas Nelson and Booksneeze for giving me the chance to review this book!

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