Objects With Purpose

mam for gave that owp Objects with Purpose mini candles in cloth gift bags
What's your purpose today?
mam for gave that owp objects with purpose large 3 wick candlemam for gave that objects with purpose max boxes

Ianthe Kabakov has created these darling candles that double as hard perfume... yes this concept alone made me salivate. The thought of a huge container of hard perfume lasting for eons. It also made me feel better about rubbing candle wax on myself for fragrance purposes. When you light Objects wit Purpose the wax melts enough to rub onto your skin. Out of the four scents available right now (Flight or Fight, Dahlia, Lawn Bowling, and Asher) my favorite is the juicy, fruity Dahlia. The lychee almost smells like mango and the tea rose is squeaky clean. The miniature Dahlia in its little cloth gift bag is definitely remaining with me.

Image: MAM for Gave That


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