Birdkage Aprons

mam for gift blog gavethat birdkage apron in gift bagmam for gift blog gave that birdkage Madison print apronMagda for Gave That me wearing a Birdkage Madison apron
What I'm wearing: The Birdkage Madison A-Line apron
So many Bar-B-Q's, so little time to procure hostess gifts but this is going to be my new secret stash just in case gift. Coming in these cute reusable bags is a new line of aprons by New York City based designer Courtney Kivela called Birdkage. I am personally in love with this vintage looking Madison print and the A line really makes it look like you're wearing a skirt (just a note that the strings hanging down are from my shorts not the apron itself!).

The other clincher was Kivela's own words, "I used to paint a lot, and I'd always wear a bib apron,... With all the paint marks and bright splashes, it became like my custom-printed apron. There's a feeling of comfort and a crazy kind of magic there that I wanted to recapture." Yeah, that resonated with me big time. Birdkage!

Image: MAM & Magda for Gave That


Gave That said…
Thanks Josh, next time there is a giveaway going I'll try to submit it to your website, M
Courtney said…
Hi Marie,

I love your pictures of the Madison apron and muslin bag! Not to mention the very cool car behind you!

Thanks very much for your great support!!!

All the best,

Gave That said…
Hi there Courtney!
Thank you so much for coming and leaving such kind words... I *love* your aprons and the prints. Every time I put mine on I have to smile. Wishing you much peace and continued success!! -M

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