DIY Gift — The Spice Trade

mam gavethat tins filled with spicemam gavethat gift box filled with spices

A good while ago a documentary on Indian cooking came on and the one thing that has always stuck in my mind was when a lovely woman came on, opened a draw in her kitchen and proceeded to show a prized possession. It was a box containing many tiny round tins filled with spices. She said Indian brides are traditionally given these spice collections as wedding gifts that are loving used for ages (only a pinch or two is needed of each). Brilliant! Not to mention thoroughly DIY-able. Today was an attempt to recreate this.

Above are some little tins that resembled hers... find them in the beading area of craft stores or look in culinary boutiques as some are starting to sell these pre-filled with your choice of herbs and spices. Once the ones here were filled they were nestled inside the compartments of a simple, handmade paper gift box.

Image: MAM for Gave That


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