Voluspa Victoria

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Voluspa has had a cult following of devotes for a while now and they're also the home of Cult of Helios (part of the Victoria collection above). A mind bending trip through earthy Peruvian heliotrope. Picking through the collection I lifted the lid of Malayan Coco and almost instantaneously a voice in the distance rang out... coconut! Where... is that coconut!? That's delicious! These things have reach, even unlit.

The Malayan Coco is indeed beyond belief in all its milky Almond Joy goodness with a fruity (pineapple?) undertone. Favorite number one. Number two is the Tuberosa Agave which smells earnestly tuberose with a glint of tequila. Number three has to be Green Datura which smells less like Datura (almost nil) and more like green foliage, fig leaves and oakmoss. Thoroughly masculine. What I adore the most is all the swirling Art Nuevo leaves enveloping the metal containers, how they can be given as is and once fully gone, used as a little keepsake box. De-lovely.

Image: MAM for Gave That


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