Munio Candela

mam gavethat Munio Candela Natural Aroma Sachet Summer Romancemam gavethat Munio Candela gift box illustrationsmam gavethat Munio Candela Capturing the Dream of a Better Life pillow

This is an example of Gilt serving as enlightenment. Who knows how long it would have been for me to experience these little silk pillows from Latvia otherwise! Created by Elīna Čīma and artist Ieva Dexter, Munio Candela is perhaps better known for their natural candles. Housed in recycled paper gift boxes the color of tea and covered in drawings (by Ieva I'm certain), the text on their herbal sachets says it all, "Capturing the Dream of a Better Life". This one is Summer Romance which pungently reminds you of zingy orange groves and bushels of dried sage. The sleeper of the collection.

Image: MAM for Gave That


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