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DaMag for gift blog GaveThat Devans Indian tea in hand beaded bag

As soon as these Indian teas found me, quite by chance, I wanted to put them up here. Hidden inside the beaded, sequined pouch is some of the most delicious loose leaf Darjeeling tea. When that's all consumed (or even prior) the pouch the tea comes in transforms into a purse. We need more gift wrap like this here in the US! These are by Deven's but scour your local Asian food market, new age shop, health food store for yours. Thank you so much J.
DaMag gavethat devans tea in hand beaded bagIndian decorated blue tea gift bag by Davans

Image: GaveThat


Anonymous said…
This is marvelous! Who knew a tea pouch could morph into such a lovely evening purse. Well done tea bagers! Oh wait, this is loose tea isn't it?
Gave That said…
haha my sentiments exactly! Would love more of this in the US.

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