DIY Gift — Fire Starters

mam for gavethat wax covered pine cone fire starter diy gift

Coming home from all that chalet, little cabin in the woods, love shack fun during these past cold months it's only fitting that the host receives something rustic and useful in return. Something that's very easy to ship too. These little pinecone fireplace starters are perfect and it's really simple to make batch after batch, then tucking them into hat boxes in order to preserve their scent until given. Here's how:

- Natural Pinecones (keep away from anything already synthetically scented)
- Natural bees wax
- Wax dye
- optional - Magic Flames Crystals, Red Sandalwood powder, Pinon wood power, frankincense, myrrh

Taking fully open, dried natural pinecones dip each into melted wax. I like to do the tips but others swirl in the entire pinecone. It may take a few dips to build up a good thickness of wax coverage. Allow to dry and harden on waxpaper overnight, unless you will be adding one of the extra optional ingredients. If so, roll your pinecone into one of the optional ingredients while the wax is still wet. The Pinon wood or myrrh for instance will create a rich, natural scent that mingles with the pine.

To Use: You'll want to make a label or gift tag with fire starters so they're used properly. For instance let your recipient know these are to start a fire with, not to toss in while the fire is already going in their fireplace, that these are not candles and to only use one at a time.

For some DIY glittery pine cone ornaments see my post here.

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