DIY: Love Letter Cupcakes

mam for gavethat love letter red velvet cupcakes with coconut frosting
Valentine's Day without cupcakes? non, non, non! Here red velvet hides under a snowy top of coconut frosting and the kisser... a chocolate wax seal
mam for gavethat red velvet love letter cupcakesmam for gavethat red velvet love letter cupcakes

Red velvet cake and VDay seem so cozy together and these are some of my personal favorite cupcakes to create. A fab recipe can be found here and to create the chocolate wax seal toppers, do the following:

Materials Needed
- Wax Paper
- Red Chocolate Candy Melts
- Metal Wax Seal

Melt chocolate candy per directions on bag and spoon a small pool onto wax paper. Wait a few seconds and then press with an oiled wax seal. Without lifting off place for a minute in your freezer. Once firmed up remove from the chocolate by lifting straight up and peel your candy wax seal off of the wax paper. Voilà!

Image: MAM for GaveThat


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