My Crystal Romance — Lollia

mam for gavethat Lollia inspire candlemam for antique crystals
Prada crystal shoes from SS10 Lookbookmam for gave that clear crystal necklace

Pretending it's already spring I've been gathering together crystals of all shapes and sizes. One that simply could not be resisted was the bauble dangling from the wick of this Lollia petite candle by Margot Elena. The scent is Inspire. Even better it smells just as luscious as it looks... a soft floral that is totally unobtrusive. Notes include my favorite violet along with rose, lemon zest, vanilla and another favorite mimosa. Cutting the chandelier crystal from the cord, now that poses a problem. Good thing the scent livens a small workspace enough without the need to burn. Now about those Prada's... thoughts?

{Top to bottom: Lollia petite candle in Inspire, around $36.00 - antique chandelier crystals on my antique lace skirt - Prada SS10 Shoes - my mothers crystal necklace, love it!}

Image: MAM for | Prada SS10 Lookbook via inFashionMedia & Carolina Engman x Fashion Squad


julietk said…
Thoughts on those gorgeous but you better have perfect feet :-D
Gave That said…
I never thought of that Julie but you are 100% right--major attention grabbing noise making + clear no hide plastic. Of course if one were to wear them for their own enjoyment indoors, out of sight...

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