Liz Lange : The "Birkin" of Diaper Bags?

Liz lange the Birkin of Diaper Bags?

On the Radar Gift Guide '09 Snap Shot: When I first saw these Liz Lange bags I thought wow, what a bumpy take on the classic Birkin... it was a few minutes later that I realized that these were actually brilliantly constructed diaper bags. Since when have diaper bags become so chic? I actually pondered removing the contents (each bag comes with a matching bottle warmer, changing pad, little bags to hold goodies, etc.), tossing the shoulder strap and trying to pass off the supple leather carryall as a bag of tricks (sketch boots, portfolios...). No, this is a serious bag for a mum who wants a little anonymity so I'll leave it be. You mums have all the fun.

Right now Amazon has the bags at serious discounts, up to 75% off. Check out the luscious black Marlena and the bold pop of purple patent leather in the Rita.


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