A New Leaf Please : Crisp Focus This Autumn

Fall Leaf In The Pond by mama for Gavethat.com copyright 2009
The Delicious Road Ahead

So long sticky heat of summer and hello chill, beautiful leaves and a sky that seems ever more open. Last year I remember writing about the delicious road ahead and while it has surely been a fasten your seat belts sort of road, there is so much left to drive! Social season is just around the bend and it made me want to refocus this site.

It's about giving encouragement, love and maintaining meaningful connections

When thoughts of giving and giving well come to mind I automatically think about the connections that are usually being strengthened. Not necessarily shopping or constantly buying the latest trend. Instead I'm envisioning volunteer work and connecting to ones community or remembering a loved ones birthday even though they have moved half way across the world. Little things that end up coming full circle in positive ways when you least expect it... little things that deserve to be celebrated and encouraged. To be fostered and explored. This is the core of this site.

I hope to highlight the positive, rewarding and social aspects of giving in all its forms

Look for things, people, images that inspire me along with great food and entertaining, DIY ideas, interviews, reviews and more. This I know will be fun! Experiments always are.


Image: MAM for Gavethat.com


Anonymous said…
Very true! I have gotten SO many good gift giving ideas from this website. Better still is the gift-twice options which are posted so frequently. It has made me think more deeply about my gifts and how to maximize my purchases to give more than just the immediate item. Thank you!
Gave That said…
Thank you, thank you for your very kind words!! Give Twice is very much here to stay and I'll be sure to keep doing that. Please keep coming back, in peace, Marie.

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