How To Be Social Without Going Broke : Holiday Edition

Social Season or Bust
One Dress, Five Events

It's here... you can feel it in the air. Along with the crackling chill comes something else. Social Season! If I had some melodramatic music to embed here I would but is that really necessary? Personally this is a delicious time fraught with some rather pressing decisions. I like to think of them as possibilities for a positive spin but they can be a real challenge. What to budget for and what to skip? Pencil this and pen that. Oh and what to wear? That last one can be a big, unexpected trap. The main thing is to shop that closet, seek out vintage and maybe get an all around workhorse piece that can be used over and over again. My eye has been on the perfect long sleeve jersey dress in black because the main thing this year is maintaining connections, supporting people and just having fun. I'm not letting clothes, handbags, shoes get in the way of that.

Sometimes you need that something, something. Mine for 2009? Some pop of color at the toe, a luscious scarf that can double as a wrap, sequins, bright purse, some very Diane Pernet-esk shades.

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