Groupon = Thoroughly Addicting

A few months ago I mentioned how part of giving well is not just buying and giving physical things but making experiences and memories. Going to a concert with friends, the movies, bowling, are all perfect just because gifts... not to mention date nights. These can get pricey but as of late I've been checking in everyday at the latest best kept secret to hit the web, Groupon. Group + coupon = Groupon which aims to bring the collective buying power of the web together to score some serious deals.

The premise is rather simple, if enough people get in on the deal (which always seems to be the case) the deal will go through. One caveat though, it seems like those living in or near major cities will get the best use out of this site (when you log onto Groupon, it will automatically find the city and deals closest to you). In the NYC area there have been some really great offerings including the mentioned 56% savings at New York Vintners wine classes (great way to mingle), 50% off VIP shopping events, yoga sessions and more. Hayden-Harnett has even popped up a few times with $100 off any of their bags. This place can get thoroughly addicting because you never know what will launch next. [Click here to give it a whirl]

Image: New York Vintners via Groupon


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