Fifi Lapin for Forever21 = Adorable Chic

Fifi Lapin Raglan Tee

Had to post about Fifi Lapin's collection for Forever 21 as they're absolutely adorable and very reasonable (as most Forever21 pieces are) at $18.90 a pop. Unlike fellow illustrator of the blogosphere, Sujean Rim (Daily Candy or formally?), these shirts do not benefit charity but are a must for any devote of: "the worlds most stylish bunny"-Elle. I remember when Fifi hopped onto the scene and wow have things snowballed (sorry, couldn't help the goofy puns). Enjoy!

Update: I just found out that Fifi Lapin is part of a charity offering, check out Fifi on these holiday cards being sold over at TopShop. No word on what the charity actually is but I'm sure it's great.

Image: Forever21


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