Working Class Studio (SCAD) re-gift

Working Class Studio Re-Gift BagsThis is something I really want to share... such a simple yet ingenious idea by Working Class Studio (based at the Savannah College of Art & Design). The "re-gift" series is a fusion of a classic gift bag (of the paper or plastic nature) with eco-chic reusable tote bags. As you can see by the images you have bold all over patterns and a little tag like a classic gift bag —that many try to reuse anyway— but with decently long handles and fabric construction. As some might gather from this blog I'm rather tote-centric and this year I have been using vibrant tote bags as gift wrap. Something about all that ripping, balling and trashing of pretty papers just is not sitting well with me at the moment. On the other hand, seeing people using the totes long after the gifts were given is incredibly satisfying.
Working Class Studio Re-Gift Bags and Modern Furniture

The Working Class Studio re-gift bags range in price from around $13. to $5. each and there are a bunch on sale at Modern Furniture. Along with the classic gift swag bag style you can also find wine bags and gift box designs that negate the need for wrapping skills.

Image: Working Class Studios | Modern Furniture


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