Hi : Low - Rachel Zoe vs Hollywood Intuition Tote

Hi vs Low - Racel Zoe vs. Hollywood

Quick... which is $22.99 and which is $122.00? Both are 100% PVC mind you. Both are also part of capsule collections and I couldn't help but notice how alike they were, making a perfect subject for a High - Low feature. The top pictured is the $122.00 model by Rachel Zoe (The North/South tote) for QVC which looks even more identical in its lighter "Natural" colored faux snakeskin version. The other is Jaye Hersh's $22.99 design for Hollywood Intuition (the Snake tote in Natural). I've seen and felt the Hollywood Intuition one in person and found it rather nice. All over snakeskin is always hard to pull off but its simple puffy shape, inspired perhaps by Devi Kroell, was perfect for quickly perking up ones fall and winter wardrobe. The glossy PVC mans little worry about ruinous rainy and snowy season which has now descended upon us Northerners. Plus it makes the perfect gift bag for holding a stash of goodies. The Hollywood Intuition bags flew out of stores but find them here on Amazon.

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Unknown said…
I really like this Sondra Roberts Python Tote for $79 with free shipping too!

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