Hi : Low - Miu Miu vs. Free People Studded Drawstring Bags

Hi vs. Low Miu Miu vs. Free People

So the little drawstring bag has made its way back but they still feel a tad too grandma... probably because so many grandmas refuse to hand theirs over. To clearly remedy this an over profusion of studs have now been applied to many of these bags which equals two things. For the right now it = adoration but in a few months (or a year if the trend can hobble that long) how will it look? Smashed at the bottom of ones closet. People are clearly trying to avoid giving things like that now. When I saw Free Peoples latest bag offerings I was surprised by the price. The above Studded Side Sling Bag is $48. Now it isn't real leather but it looks pretty authentic and all that stud work makes it look pricier. It's also uber overexsposed so a lasting factor will be less necessary. Note how much it looks like the $700. plus Miu Miu bag. Stuff the strap inside and you have an edgy date night clutch that you will not feel too bad spilling beer all over. For another version I really like check out the Denim and Chain Pouch, for $32. also at Free People. Nice job guys!


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